Jurassic Park Online Slots

One of the coolest and most adventurists online slots games ever, Jurassic Park Online Slots takes you back to pre-historic times. You will be enthralled and completely immersed in the best of Canadian online casinos. Brilliant Free Spins rounds and a roaring pack of Wilds await.

Jurassic Park Online Slots is centred on the iconic movie which was produced by Steven Spielberg back in the 1990’s. The game is the first of its type to employ Parallax Scrolling effects which truly causes the game to come alive, just like in the movie. Set in a greatly comprehensive jungle the game features the various free spin features but give them a distinct and animated environment based on the location from the film.

The Jurassic Park Experience

The movie took the core individuals on a trip to an island that is populated by dinosaurs. On the dinosaur packed island, players will get to feel the excitement and the adrenaline bolting through their veins as they place their bets and spin the reels.

The game creates the environment of Jurassic Park through the commanding and the well-crafted visuals of the game. For example, the game takes place on the island as players will see the island with its trees and plants in the background of the reels. As for the symbols that will appear on the game’s reels and lines, they are also motivated by the movie and they contain the Jurassic Park logo, the doctor, the T-Rex, the Tyrannosaurus, the velociraptor, the Triceratops among additional dinosaurs and personalities from the movie. They all come in astounding 3D visuals and the game itself comes accompanied by enormous sounds that permit players to relish the experience to the max through an immersive and an engaging gambling setup.

Being a Micro gaming slot, players can hope to discovery a great set of steady payouts that they can earn through the regular game as well as special symbols and features that it has to offer. There is a wild symbol, which is the logo of Jurassic Park. This symbol can supersede all other non-bonus icons anyplace on the reels.

The game also has the T-Rex alert feature which is triggered when a T-Rex is spotted. When this feature is activated, players will have a much better possibility at claiming great payments with up to 35x extra wilds. This safe online slots game will really give you a thrill.

Three or more than 3 of the fossil bonus symbol will trigger the bonus round of the game which is jam-packed with free spins and other exceptional features. Players who triumph in playing through 25 free spins rounds will be able to select the free spins feature they desire. Players can inspect all of these different free spin rounds at the paytable of the game that they can open by merely clicking on the View Pays button at the bottom left side.

The base game benefits from a T-Rex Alter Mode feature which is activated at unplanned intervals, this lasts 6 spins and the T-Rex emerges behind the reels on the 3rd spin, to remind and possible frighten you. During this time, up to 35 wild symbols are added to the reels and over the course of the 6 spins this can lead you to some huge wins. Stay tuned for the Jurassic Park Logo which becomes present on stacked reels, it could lead to your big win becoming Jurassic!

Free Spins Features         

Players can enjoy and try it for free before heading to online casino games to place real money bets on the game.

Watch for 3 or more scatter symbols, which appear as dinosaur eggs. These will activate the Free Spins feature, as well as one of the 5 free spins features all of which have their own unique activation. Each of them has their own mini-features and characteristics which contain wild reels, split wilds, running wilds and tons more. To add to this the game developers have chosen to give each of the free spin features their own setting and soundtrack just to mix it up a tad for the player.

After the T-Rex you have the Velociraptor which is all about spit wilds and wild Multipliers, creating more winning combinations and random multipliers of 4, 5 or 6 times the amount on a winning spin. Superior than this, the symbol can stack up to 3 times on any of the reels. Next up is the Brachiosaurus Free Spins Feature (Look how well I am doing with the names, correct spelling and everything!). This feature benefits from a Mystery Multiplier Feature which are applied to multiply the amount of free spins you receive. Starting from 2 times all the way to 6 times, hit it lucky and you could see yourself receiving 6 times 4 spins, which are the default amount for this feature.

The next feature is quite a lot to get your head around. Enter the Triceratops of course, and is a Free Spins Feature which has running wilds, random stack prods and re-spins. You can get running wilds on all reels with 1 wild added to each stack per free spin, starting at a suitable 3 stacks. When you reach a partial stack, a stampede of Triceratops dashes across the reels and gives you a full reel of wilds which hold in place with the remaining reels re-spinning. After you have a full stack, the reel wilds will hold with the other reels re-spinning, so the winning just comes naturally with this feature.