Golden Princess Online Slots

Win up to 65,000.00, 50 Free Spins, Stacked WILD symbols, Scatter symbols, 3X multiplier and many other rewarding benefits at the best of all online slots for Canadians, the highly praised and top rated casino game: Golden Princess online slots.

With Golden Princess online slots, you will enjoy an exhilarating gambling atmosphere containing nothing but the best of the best: multiple betting options are at your service, rewarding symbols, AutoPlay spins and a great anticipation from one spin to another. You can never know what the next round will bring! Additionally, Golden Princess online slots makes sure you will enjoy not only the "casino part" of the game but also from this experience as a whole! Once you embark on this incredible online slots for Canadians, a very attractive princess will happily welcome you to the game. A royal music will play in the background and a completely golden theme will let you enjoy a fancy gaming experience of money, gold and majesty. Start to play online slots today and feel the thrill!

Scatter Symbol, Free Spins and WILD – How Does It Work?

It works amazingly! Even the experienced gamblers who feel they have already "seen it all" will be quite excited to discover the winning methods available at this safe online slots casino game. So, let's get to the nitty-gritty!


Scatter is the incredible symbol that awards you with Free Spins and great bonuses. While at most slots games it is sufficient to have the Scatter symbols appearing on the screen in order to win the Free Spins, at Golden Princess online slots this thrill is taken a few steps forward. 3, 4 and 5 Scatters award the gamer with 30, 40 and 50 FREE SPINS RESPECTIVELY! An incredible opportunity to win SO MANY SPINS and enjoy the wonderful benefits the Free Spins offer anyway! In addition to that, during the Free Spins, each Scatter symbol awards a mystery pay of up to 10X of the total bet!

Free Spins

So, as already mentioned, free spins can get up to 30, 40 and 50 sequentially. During the Free Spins, the gambler has full control over the game: a Free Spins box is exhibited on the screen, letting the player know how many spins are left, a Win and Total Win boxes also exhibit how much was credited at this very spins and at all spins inclusive and of course, eventually under the CONGRATULATIONS title the multiplied amounts are shown to the lucky gamer. And if all of this is not enough, while playing the Free Spins, the gambler can reach up to 125,000.00 coins credit and even enjoy the craziest benefit of them all: the WILD symbols can be stacked during the Free Spins (appearing on some or all of the reels) and benefit the gambler not only with a beautiful victory but also with huge wins!


The beautiful treat is that the online slots for Canadians, Golden Princess, also offers WILDS. And yet again, with a twist! In addition to the WILD's ability to serve as a substitute to all other symbols excluding the Scatter, in this case a random WILD multiplier also applies! Appearing as a Golden Princess online slots logo symbol, the WILD can randomly surprise the content gamer with 2X or 3X multiplier. How fun is that?

Varying Betting Options

Because, what's a fine gambling game worth without its ability to let the player decide on the gambling methods themselves? No worries, this safe online slots got this covered for you too…

Betting Amounts

The gamer can change on each and every spin the coin size (minimal is 0.01 and maximal is 0.5), number of coins (minimal is 1 and maximal is 10) and select the Max Bet which is capable of rewarding with a maximal amount of 50,000 in a win spin.

Betting Lines

Golden Princess online slots give the player the option to add another excitement to the spin and choose which lines to bet on. This feature is applied either by selecting manually the lines themselves by pressing the numbers on the sides, or by using the "select lines" button available on the screen.

Betting Spins / AutoPlay

AutoPlay awards the gambler with the option to sit back in his chair, relax and enjoy watching the winnings collecting in front of his eyes. By pressing the AutoPlay button, one can opt to spin automatically 10, 25, 50, 100 spins or customize the spins. By doing so it is possible to spin until the win exceeds or equals a certain amount, to choose a different amount of AutoSpins (including 5 and 500) or simply to spin "forever" until pressing the Stop button. It is important to mention that at any given point, even while selecting 500 AutoSpins the Stop button is always available and ready to use. No selection is binding.

Worth to Know

A demo version of the game also exists for those who are inexperienced with online casino gambling. All the written above regarding Golden Princess online slots applies at the demo version as well. While playing for free, 1,000,000.00 demo credits are available for use. After gaining some experience, getting to know the game, the betting options and the different rewards appearing on the reels, one can choose to play online slots for real and both deposit and win the real thing. Buttons and banners are always available for this purpose, thus enabling an easy transfer from one playing method to another. One thing is sure, with Golden Princess online slots, the thrill and joy are totally guaranteed!