Game of Thrones Safe Online Slots

With the ability to win up to 121,000.00 coins and 243 different ways to win, multiple Free Spins and free spins choices, WILD, Scatter and a large variety of bonuses, credits and awards, Game of Thrones Safe Online Slots is a true engaging experience of pure fun!

Join today the HBO-based safe Canadian online slots which does not only guarantee you a safe experience of fine gambling, but also letting you really feel the thrill of royalty with impressive symbols, dramatic music, characters' pictures and breath-taking background music which resembles the real wild nature accompanying the Game Of Thrones.

Out of all the new online slots games available for gamers, Game of Thrones Safe Online Slots is promised to let you enjoy unstoppable fun and excitement.

Game of Thrones Free Spins Bonus, Awards, and Many Other Benefits

Because when we are talking about THIS Canadian online slots bonus game, the usual bonuses available everywhere are just banal here and the real bonuses taking part at Thrones will simply leave you astonished.

So what has the Game of Thrones Safe Online Slots got up its sleeve?

Free Spins & Free Spins Choice

Free spins – winning Free Spins in the Game of Thrones, gladly, is a very common experience the gambler will enjoy. This reward can be triggered either by the unique Free Spins symbol appearing on the screen, or by the familiar Scatter symbol appearing 3, 4 or 5 times anywhere on the reels. During these spins, the gambler is capable of winning up to 121,000.00 coins which will be added to his payline with which he can win more as the game goes on.

Free Spins Choice – that is a unique one. Once gaining Free Spins, the gambler has the option to decide which way he want to implement them. On the screen will appear four choices, each one has different rewards and winning potentials:

House Baratheon: Rewards with 8 Free Spins which contain the 5X multiplier, and the House Baratheon Sigil symbol is stacked 3 up.

House Lannister: Rewards with 10 Free Spins which contain the 4X multiplier, and the House Lannister Sigil symbol is stacked 4 up.

House Stark: Rewards with 14 Free Spins which contain the 3X multiplier, and the House Stark Sigil symbol is stacked 5 up.

House Targaryen: Rewards with 18 Free Spins which contain the 2X multiplier, and the House Targaryen Sigil symbol is stacked 6 up.


BIG WIN coins take part with a large variety of awarding symbols, and once the BIG WIN symbols appear on the screen, the gambler can win substantially larger amounts than usual winnings, which will leave him and the payline box very, very happy.


Because no good game exists without it. The Scatter, as you probably already know - and if not, you will enjoy getting familiar with it at the Game of Thrones Safe Online Slots - the Scatter symbol awards with Free Spins. Yes, yes, the same Free Spins and Free Spins Choice discussed above. The Scatter pays in any position, added to payline, and its wins are multiplied by the total bet stacked.


Last but not least. Maybe the bread and butter of any Canadian online slots bonus game, WILD symbol is there to alter two adjacent "regular" symbols into a three of a kind (or help creating 4 and even 5 of a kind). The WILD replaces all symbols besides the Scatter and can be awarded also during Free Spins.

Needless to say, some of these gambling features are quite exceptional among the Canadian online slots bonus games and the experience while playing it is substantially unique. Who mentioned best of all safe Canadian online slots games and did not say Game of Thrones?

Additional Pleasant Features

Betting Options

Game of Thrones Safe Online Slots lets the gambler be in complete control over his gambling expenses and opt every spin again what amount he wants to put out. The options can vary, and the gambler is the one to make the final decision. Of course, the higher the betting amount is, the higher the final payout will be because the winnings amount come in direct relation to the amount deposited. Keep in mind!

Game of Thrones – Playing Versions


Game of Thrones is, of course, available online for all the PC lovers. Comfortable for all the sitting lovers, those who enjoy placing a cup of coffee or cereals next to the screen, to have one hand on the mouse and other on the food and drinks. The online version can be played as a Flash game, which means directly on the casino's website, or attributed to a program which needs to be downloaded to the computer. One way or another, the fun is promised!


Ever wanted to take the Thrones with you wherever you go? No barriers are in front of you! Take the Game of Thrones wherever you go, play, deposit, and enjoy from every step and spin and let yourself feel truly engaged with a high standard game which gives you much more than any other!

Demo Version / Play Free

This one is also available for players. Although it lacks the full experience of the gambling excitement, it lets the player comprehend how the game works until he feels he is ready to take a full part of that wonderful casino game.

Play For Real

Probably the best of them all. Letting you experience the full benefits of the game, playing for real allows you to deposit, win for real, engage, anticipate and simply feel the thrill. Each and every component of a great gambling game takes part once playing for real. It's easy, and just a few clicks away…