PayForIt - a safe and secure payment method for Canadians

Canadians are well known for their great love of playing at the online and mobile casinos. While the player is narrowing down his choice and deciding on the perfect casino to play at, he should take note of the payment methods for Canadians that are offered at the casino. It is important that the casino allows the player the option of paying in Canadian dollars, and of course it is of utmost importance that the casino is regulated and utilizes the latest encryption methods to ensure that the casino is perfectly safe and secure.

Before deciding which banking option is going to work for you, read up on as many of the different payment options as possible so that you are aware of all the different restrictions that apply. The casino sometimes awards its players with additional bonuses for using a certain payment method - these bonuses can often be as high as 15%.

Also keep in mind that when you request to withdraw your winnings, there will often be a waiting period for a day or two. This allows the casino to process your request. Sometimes, for your own safety, you may need to provide additional identifying documents before the casino will continue with the withdrawal process.

PayForIt for Canadians

When the online casinos were first introduced there was a limited number of banking options for Canadians available. Most players would fund their online and mobile casino accounts using either a credit card or a bank transfer. The introduction of the e-wallet payment options over the last number of years has allowed players a more secure and confidential payment option.

One of the newer online payment systems offered to Canadian players is the PayForIt payment option. Initially introduced in the UK, PayForIt allows players to fund their casino account with only a click of the button. The system can be used both from a computer and, more importantly it can be accessed directly from a mobile device.

With the PayForIt system, players do not need a card to use the system, there is also no need to sign up or pre-register any details. All a player needs is a mobile device.

To fund your casino account simply click on the PayForIt icon when you are ready to pay, and a screen will appear on your mobile device confirming how much the transaction is going to cost and the details of where the payments are going to to. You then simply insert the amount you wish to pay and click on the ‘pay now’ button. The payment request will be forwarded to your mobile operator for approval. Once the transaction is approved, you will receive a confirmation of the transaction on your mobile device and you are now ready to begin playing. The cost of your gaming session will be applied to your next phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance.

PayForIt can be used for all online transactions and the charge will be made to your mobile device irrespective of the device that you are using. This means that players at the online casino and the mobile casino can both enjoy this payment service.

The Advantages of Using PayForIt at the Canadian Casino

There is no need to provide any personal information or even sign up for the service ahead of time. All transactions made using Payfoit will appear in your mobile phone billing statement.
There are no additional fees or payments for using PayForIt when playing at the online casino.
The PayForIt method is widely accepted by all online traders around the world.
The PayForIt payment method is the perfect way for players to enjoy a simple and convenient way to make payments while on the go.
Customers receive full receipts, subscription notifications and reminders of how much money they have spent via PayForIt.
Customers can enjoy full customer support for post-transaction inquiries.
Due to the fact that there is no need to divulge any billing information or personal information, there is no need to worry about private information being passed on to a third party.

Play safe slots with PayForIt and enjoy all of the other casino games at the Canadian online and mobile casino. This stress and worry free method for funding your casino account will enable you to play with peace of mind and thoroughly enjoy your gaming experience.