Riviera Riches Mobile Slots – Best Mobile Game!

Riviera Riches… the fantastic, exhilarating and thrilling casino game. The ultimate of all mobile slots games for Canadians which grants its players with Free Spins, Bonus Features, WILD and Scatter symbols, 3X Multiplier, double winnings, ability to win up to 64,000 coins and so many other rewards that not only guarantee a rich winning gaming experience but also constant and unstoppable fun for each and every gambler. Join today the fancy family of Riviera Riches Mobile Slots and discover yourself that touching the stars is not beyond imagination.

The wonderful Riviera Riches Mobile Slots lets you enjoy the full rich experience of the high-society world with amazing symbols such as fine wine, a lady and a gentleman, symbols drawn as money and much more. Explore and experience the exciting music and sound effects, the beautiful drawings and cartoons, the wonderful characters and the fun and rewarding methods available on the best of all mobile slots games for Canadians. Feeling Rich and highly enjoying while doing so is now just a few clicks away and the thrill of gambling is assured!

I'm Excited! What Are My Rewards and What Can I Win?

Of course you are excited! Your rewards are practically limitless and you can win so much! Let's break it down!

Free Spins

What are prestigious mobile casino games worth without some fine free spins? The free spins are rewarded by the fantastic Scatter symbol on which we will further explain later on. Free spins are gained in dozens, so every time you win this treat, you actually win 12 of them! Now once you do, you have full control on that phase: you get to choose when exactly to begin the spins (a "Start Free Spins" button is at your service), you can view the recording boxes (Win and Total Win) which tell you how much you just won on this spin and how much collectively you won during the whole spins together.  And at the end of this whole craziness you are told how much you've got in your hand after implementing the 3X fantastic multiplier. Needless to say, the free spins experience is just stupendous! The music is cheerful, the background is coloured beautifully and every winning is animated in such a fun way! Every gambler enjoys the free spins of Riviera Riches Mobile Slots. You will too!


Our beloved and wonderful Scatter symbol is an integral part of Riviera Riches Mobile Slots, due to the fact that at this finest of all mobile casino games you can win above the usual. Scatter is the symbol benefitting you with the free spins, 3X multiplier, and even more. When it comes to Scatter, the more the merrier. Three four or five Scatter symbols can benefit you not only with the 12 free spins, but even retrigger them and award you the wonderful BONUS feature you would surely enjoy receiving. If all of these treats are still not enough, you are capable of winning (and retriggering) these features simultaneously!


WILD is most probably THE most rewarding awarding feature existing in mobile slots games for Canadians. Once you play mobile slots, there is probably nothing more rewarding than having the game "helping" you here and there, and the WILD symbol does exactly that. WILD is capable of turning two adjacent symbols into a fun three of a kind serving as a replacement for all symbols except Scatter. That way, you are able to gain more credits and winnings. If the WILD symbol appears on reels 1 and 5 a bonus feature can be triggered. Four and five of a kind are possible as well to be won while using WILD, by the way.


The BONUS symbols may be unfamiliar to those who are not already experienced in Riviera Riches Mobile Slots. Not too common in mobile casino games, the BONUS symbol is an additional way to enjoy and be rewarded in here. The BONUS symbol, once appearing on reels 1 and 5, lets you enjoy two spins on the roulette wheel, and have you assembling all of your winnings to the regular payline. With so many great ways to win, no wonder Riviera Riches is rated at the best of all mobile slots games for Canadians!

Play Mobile Slots and Online Slots with Riviera Riches

Because today, you really can. Riviera Riches Mobile Slots is in your hands wherever you go, letting you enjoy this wonderful game from every spot with a matter of very few clicks. Additionally, Riviera Riches is also available in the online PC version in which you can enjoy all the regular benefits and sit down comfortably in front of a computer screen while you are grabbing yourself something nice to eat, for example. So enjoy this game from any given place and at any given version!

Additional Game Versions

Available in many mobile casinos for Canadians, Riviera Riches gives its players variable ways to enjoy this game. The first one is, of course, playing for real money on the Riviera Riches Mobile Slots. The other one is playing Demo Version / Free Play. This method is very comfortable for players who are unfamiliar with the gambling world in general or online slots or Riviera Riches specifically and feel they want to understand how things go before they start depositing. The advantage of the Free Play is that besides the exciting depositing thrill, all the other components of the game exist, thus letting the gambler learn best how the game goes. The option to play for real money is always available in multiple ways and you can take this ride, practically, whenever you want!